While sending SMS for promotion and marketing is very common and a cheap method, but SMS services are not limited to promotions and marketing only.

SMS is the best tool to communicate with the clients when the information to be passed is small (say up to 300 characters or less) for example sending Credit Card transaction alert (Transactional SMS), Registration information, pickup information (generally used by companies those who send cabs to pick up their employees), Bill payment due date etc. In all those cases you need a fast and reliable service which provides 100% uptime and instantaneous SMS delivery.

Teknowits Bulk SMS gateway's premium services are designed in this way that it will deliver all the transactional SMS in least time to the recipient with highest delivery ratio in the market.

We offer two premium SMS routes:
1. Delivery within 30 seconds
2. Delivery within 1 minute.

Customers can choose the gateway depending upon their requirements.

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